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Expert A Speech of Congratulation

Travel Silk Road, the Scenery of Chinese Culture Walking to the World

The Value of Academic Study and Travel-Developing of the Silk Road Is Everlasting

Cultural Exchanges Are the Only Way to Promote Peace and Development

My Congratulations, Some Thoughts and Suggestions

A Speech of Congratulation

    The location of the website is sensible; it adapts itself to the trends; its contents have not only information but also cultural background; it has its own features and superiority. I think that people must normally accept it and it must be vigorous.---Li Dongzhe

    The Value of Academic Study and Travel-Developing of the Silk Road Is Everlasting---Hu Ji

    As a carrier of spreading the Chinese culture, is of far-reaching importance. To construct this website well. The website will be a treasure house of cultures of all peoples throughout the world and will bring new imagination of new times for the mankind. ---Sun Tianqing

   The opening of has not only the economic importance, but also the historic and cultural importance, I hope it succeeds and completes the historical mission of Chinese civilization in the new times.---Chen Yaping

   Throughout the 1000-odd years, to everyone's mind, the Silk Road has been a legendary place. It is just like a root passed on from Tang Dynasty, which can break through the soil at any time and reappear the former grace.
---Zhu Manhua


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